10 Products to Organize your Craft Space with ArtBin

Keeping a tidy craft space can be difficult. You may start off as organized but by mid project your craft space is a mess again. So how do you keep your craft space clean and organized? Create a system that works for you and your crafting style.

A few questions to ask yourself.

  • What are your problem areas in your craft space?
  • Do you have multiples of the same supplies?
  • Is your desk cluttered with small objects or supplies?
  • Are you sorting your craft supplies by categories or mediums?

Today we are sharing 10 ArtBin products that can be an organizing life saver in your craft space.

Art Bin has some amazing craft storage solutions that can help you put a system in place and give your crafting supplies a home.

Here are 10 of our favorite products to help you organize your craft space.

1. Rotating Vinyl Storage Tower- Whether you are a Cricut or Silhouette Crafter you probably have rolls of vinyl all over your craft room or craft space. This rotating vinyl storage tower allows you to vertically stack your extra rolls of vinyl. Place it on a tabletop and the tower rotates to allow you to access and visibility to all your vinyl rolls.

What is the best way to store vinyl rolls?

This rotating vinyl storage tower allows you to store 36 rolls of vinyl on your desk or tabletop. It’s a vertical storage solution that not only stores a great amount of vinyl but it also rotates for a 360 degree view of all of your vinyl. Making it easy to pick which color vinyl you need.

2. 2-in-1 Wall and Desktop Organizer- Organize smaller items like bottles of glue, paint and glitter. The ArtBin 2-In-1 Wall and Desktop Organizer can be stacked on a desktop to organize your workspace or can be mounted on the wall.

Stacking them on your desktop and creating tiers gives you better visibility to the supplies on the back row. Less time looking for craft supplies gives you more time to craft!

Don’t want to stack them? Use them individually in different areas of your room. These also work great to store paintbrushes, tape and spools of yarn!

Use this organizer for crafting products you use most and want to be accessible.

3. Card & Photo Organizer- Are you a card maker? Or like to have a card on hand for every occasion? The ArtBin Card & Photo Organizer is great for storing A2, A7, A9 cards and envelopes.

Use the dividers to sort your cards by holidays and special occasions. This organizer is also great for storing your favorite photos.

The ribbed detail at the base of the container helps keep your cards and dividers upright.

4. Super Satchel Double Deep with Paper Crafting Tray- The MVP of craft organization. This art storage box has two levels of craft organization space. With 8 customizable dividers in the lower section. It’s great for organizing ribbon, threads, punches, beads, paint tubes and so much more.

The lift out tray stacks on top of the lower compartment and is great to store scrapbook paper or even scissors.

The Super Satchel Double Deep can easily stack with the other Super Satchel Systems. The handle also makes it portable to craft on the go.

5. Small Bins with Lids- For all the x-small craft supplies in your space. Use these to store rhinestones, pins, buttons, beads and other small items. The clear plastic allows you to see through the pin and easily identify what’s inside. The top snaps into place and holds the contents inside.

These small bins fit into the super satchel and fit on peg boards. The small bins also stack.

6. Long Bins with Lids- Store your Cricut tools, pens, markers, colored pencils and paint brushes in these clear bins.

Tip: don't put everything that will fit into a long bin instead sort out your supplies by type. Put all your markers into one, colored pencils and paintbrushes into others. Place the lid on top of the bin and stack them on your desk.

These also work with peg boards.

7. Store-nDrawer- The answer you’ve been looking for to declutter your workspace from small craft supplies. Store-nDrawer is a craft cabinet with 39 drawers. This cabinet can be mounted to your wall or be placed on a desk.

It stores lots of small craft supplies like washi tape, Cricut blades, glue sticks, glitter, flocking powder, beads, buttons rhinestones, ink pads, small tools- the options are truly endless.

8. Semi Satchel- Store your extra fabric. Just cut and fold into fat quarters. The semi-satchel comes with 3 dividers making 4 sections to store your materials.

The semi satchel is versatile enough to hold fabric, cardstock, cards, stickers and embossing folders. Add or remove the dividers to customize it for your needs.

The satchel has rounded edges to protect the corners of card stock. The bin snaps tight and has a plastic handle to take your crafts on the go. This bin is also stackable.

9. Super Satchel Accessory Tray- Is a must when owning one of ArtBins Satchels. The tray inserts into the ArtBin containers and has 16 slots. You can store markers, pens, 2 oz bottles of paint, Cricut Joy vinyl and brushes. The options are almost limitless.

Adding an accessory tray to your satchel will help you from digging through trying to pick out a pen, paint color or marker. Instead they will be stored upright and visible.

The accessory tray is comparable with the Semi Satchel and the Super Satchel Double deep.

10. Super Satchel Double Deep with accessory tray- This satchel comes with the accessory tray. It’s deep enough to even hold a Cricut Joy or small canvases. It also comes with 7 dividers allowing you to customize the container to fit different supplies.

The accessory tray has 16 slots where you can store markers, pens, 2 oz bottles of paint, Cricut Joy vinyl brushes and tons more.

The Super Satchel Double Deep can easily stack with the other Super Satchel Systems. The handle also makes it portable to craft on the go.

11. Brush Drying Rack- The best way to dry your paint brushes is upright. This drying rack stores and dries up to 40 paintbrushes. It can hold a variety of size brushes.

The rack even has a removable bottom that has 4 textured surfaces to help clean your brushes. Flip it over and the inside of the tray can be used to not only mix your paint colors but also hold them horizontally as you paint.