Card & Photo Organizer Box, 6841AG

The ArtBin Card & Photo Organizer is great for storing A2, A7, A9 cards and envelopes! This container comes with 8 white dividers with raised tabs on top of them for further organization! You can use this box to store products vertically or horizontally! Additional dividers sold separately under item number 6951AG. 

Item #: 6841AG

Price: $26.99 USD
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    - The dividers measure to be 4" x 8.25" x 1".

    - The ribbed base stops your cards & photos from sliding down and bending or creasing!

    - The base of this container has a ribbed base to separate the dividers and items you store inside! 

    - This bin is totally clear and comes with 8 white dividers. 

    - When using multiple Card & Photo Organizer's you can stack them on top each other to further organize your craft space! 

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