10 Colorful Craft Storage Ideas to Stay Organized

Are you a color lover and proudly like to put your creative products on display like they are art themselves? At Artbin, we’ve got you covered with so many storage options to keep your art products streamlined and organized while also bringing a sense of joy and optimism to your space. These solutions can add a pop of color to your table, shelf, or desktop and they were made to store an abundance of supplies so they make for eye-catching decor while being efficient.

If you are looking to maximize your crafting space, the Artbin Super Satchel Double Deep with dividers and special accessory additions is where it’s at! In the version above, we were able to store 21 2 Ounce paints in our Paint Storage Tray, 16 mini vinyl rolls in our Super Satchel Accessory Tray (perfect for Cricut crafters), and 64 Markers in our Marker Storage Tray. That’s about 100 supplies in just one box and look how inspiring they are to look at when grouped together. Not sure about you, but this makes us want to craft!

Another creative storage option for your Super Satchel Double Deep is to arrange your sewing fat quarters. When layed out like this, you can see all your colorful fabric at a glance. The removable dividers come in handy to keep your quarters organized by color and to keep them upright!

Are you obsessed with all things pink, aqua, or mint? Artbin has several Super Satchel - 1 Compartments and Double Deep options that are colored to match your space and color mood! The blush, aqua, and mint storage solutions look great when stacked, but are also translucent so that you can see exactly what’s inside them. The blush Super Satchel you see above is perfect for storing a collection of Valentine’s Day crafts, so you can also color coordinate your supplies to your bin. And if you are just wanting a touch of color, our Artbin Double Deep Super Satchels have aqua and rose gold accent options to match your color scheme.

Have a rainbow assortment of paints, inks, washi tapes, or threads you want to display? The 2-in-1 Wall and Desktop Organizer is a great go-to to store a lot in a little space. Arrange your supplies in rainbow order; the great thing about this organizer is that it’s stadium-like and stackable letting you arrange different sizes of bottles/supplies. And the less aesthetically pleasing things you can neatly tuck underneath and out of view - so they’re easy to access when you need them. Also notice how these really brighten up a room when the rest of your area is white or a neutral tone.

Need to get to your vinyl colors in a flash? The Artbin Rotating Vinyl Storage Rack holds up to 36 rolls of your favorite vinyl and spins so you can easily access what you need. This lets your sort your vinyl in color or pattern order. We know you’ll want to keep creating when all your rolls are neatly organized and accessible.

The Artbin Desktop Organizer is a perfect addition to your desktop for drawing and coloring needs. Arrange your favorite markers and color pencils neatly in the slots (there’s 24). It also has a bulk storage area to arrange other colorful embellishments, tapes, and trinkets.

One of our favorite organizers for beading is the Artbin Slim Line Large 10 compartment Box. This is a great option to keep specific projects sorted by color and supply with the 10 slots; we love that the crystal clear plastic finish lets you grab and go this for on-the-go crafting. Bring this organizer at your next gathering, and watch your friends or customers ooh and ahh at your bead assortment.

Have a rainbow assortment of pretty notecards and envelopes and want to grab them at a glance? The Artbin Card and Photo Organizer Box is a necessity for your craft space! This box lets you sort with removable dividers by color and there’s even ridges at the bottom of the box so your cards don’t slide and they stay vertical and upright. Sorting through your cards in this crystal clear box is going to keep your A2, A7, and A9 cards in order - and - keep you ready for creativity so those ideas can flow.

We’ve never seen prettier rainbow organization than this from Camel Crafts.Organize your thread in color order using our Floss Finder Box making it easy to access the color you need for your embroidery projects. The removable dividers are great for sorting your colors in shade order!

Colorful storage has never been easier to find what you need when you pair the 3 pack bins with lids and 4 pack long bins with lids inside the Super Satchel 1 Compartment. Store everything from pom poms and glitters to rhinestones and buttons in these crystal clear bins; perfect for restocking those items you use a lot of. When not in the Super Satchel, they also display all your colorful items on your desktop or table. Your craft supplies have never been more eye-catching!

Storing your craft supplies can be vibrant and expressive just like you! These options will keep you focused on your creativity while adding a colorful vibe to your craft room or space that will boost your mood.