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3 Pack Bins with Lids 3 pack, 3 pack bins, 3 pack bins with lids, bins with lids, small containers, super satchel, super satchel bins
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    The 3 Pack Bins with Lids make a fantastic accessory to thefeature a clear lid for easy viewing. Additionally the body of the bins have been designed to sit upon a peg board.

    Marker Storage Satchel™, 6934AB marker, marker storage, super satchel, satchel, prismacolor, kopic markers, pencils, color pencils, marker storage satchel,  super satchel series, copic, markers, organizer, box, container, art markers, pens, design markers, artbin, semi satchel, 6934AB
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      The Super Satchel™ Series Marker Storage satchel is a versatile way of carrying your pens and markers. The revolutionary trays lock into the satchel securing your markers and pens into the spot you place them even if you flip the satchel upside-down. Made of durable polypropylene plastic this satchel is a crafters dream! Just like other super satchel products this satchel is stackable and is able to be divided into compartments. Extra marker trays sold separately.

      Marker Storage Tray, 6939AB marker storage tray, tray, markers, marker, replacement trays, semi satchel, copic,  pens, super satchel double deep, semi satchel, artbin, marker storage, box, container, 6939AB, best seller
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        A companion to the Super Satchel™ Series Marker Storage Satchel, the addition of extra Marker Trays will double your marker and pen storage capabilities! One of these extra trays holds up to 64 individual markers or pens. You already have some Super Satchels™? No problem! These tray lock inside any Super Satchel™ Double Deep (6990AB) or Semi Satchel™(6925AB)

        Super Satchel™ Cube Casters, 6856SW super, super satchel, super satchels, satchels, satchel container, container, satchel storage, storage, super satchel cube casters, casters, wheels, artbin, 6856SW
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          This set of 4 casters for the Super Satchel™ Cube supports a total weight of 225 pounds, (including the cube and supplies). It is suggested that not more than 2 cubes are stacked on top of 1 set of casters.

          Bottle Storage Tray, 6951AB glitter glue storage, stickles storage, stickles, glitter, super satchel, stickles glitter glue, glue, bottle storage tray, fabric paint, Super satchel standard, artbin, 6951AB
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            A companion to the Super Satchel™ Glitter Glue Storage Box and the Standard Super Satchel™, these trays enable you to store more in less space. Glitter glue trays hold up to 32 individual 5oz. bottles of ink, dye and glitter glue.