How to Organize a Ribbon Collection

Does your ribbon stash look as desperately in need of help like mine does?

Never fear because the Artbin Ribbon rack is here to help us solve all of our ribbon organization problems.

Let me share a few reasons why I love using the Ribbon Rack to organize my ribbons.

You have the option to just use one rack or a few and stack it on top of each other.

There is a notch that easily connects the sides together and you can stack multiple racks to fit all your ribbons.

Also you have the option to mount it on a wall with a screw or hook it on a peg board like I did with mine. The holes on the back of the rack gives you multiple options and the peg hooks fit perfectly into it, which makes it so easy to attach.

It’s easy to remove the racks from the peg board and use it on a table.

Which is usually what I do when I need multiple ribbons for a project.

The Ribbon Rack can also be used free standing on a desk.

The rack has a stopper that you can slide easily to fill in the space for more ribbons.

The stopper is also great for helping the ribbon stay in place when the rack is not full.

Which is very helpful when you’re pulling the ribbon to make a cut.

I also like that it can hold multiple sizes of ribbons and you can mix and match the sizes on the rack. I’ve used mine on sizes ¼ inch to 2 ½ inch ribbons.

There is also a slot where you are able to pull the ribbon through to help cut it easily.

The Artbin Ribbon Rack is really the perfect solution if you want to display and organize your ribbons. I hope you enjoy organizing your ribbons as much as I did.