Easy Spring Cleaning and Organization Ideas for Your Craft Room

Spring has long been the season to deep clean and get thoroughly organized. When it comes to your craft room, we realize this can be one of the biggest tasks to take on. With so many products and supplies, it can be very daunting to get everything in order. Here’s some easy storage tips and solutions for artists and crafters that can help get your supplies under control so you can feel refreshed in your space and start creating more!

Starting is always the hardest part of any project and when it comes to craft and art supply organization, it is very easy for many of us to feel overwhelmed. Follow these steps below to tackle your creative mess and feel better about your space.

• Start the cleaning and organization process by limiting distractions. This may mean turning off your phone, asking your family to give you some alone time, putting on a good audiobook to keep you focused, or preparing a cleaning organization snack so stay focused only on your craft room. Consider what may get in your way and find solutions to help stay on task.

• Devise a system - create designated boxes for items you plan to keep, donate, or trash. It’s easy when organizing to get sentimental or emotional, but move at a quick pace and make deliberate decisions. If it helps, set a timer so you are racing against the clock to stay on task. Just because you put something in a donate pile doesn’t mean you can’t move it to a keep pile later!

• Work your way around your room and tackle one section at a time. To feel instant momentum tackle a cluttered workspace or corner that will visibly show you instant results. Feeling a sense of accomplishment for completing one area will give you momentum to keep up the good work.

• Once you have designated everything you plan to keep, donate, or trash start to clean your space by thoroughly sweeping, wiping down surfaces, and vacuuming up messes.

• For all the items you plan on keeping, start by breaking them out into categories; for example, put all your paint supplies in one area and sewing supplies in another. During this process it can be easy to get distracted by the cool stuff you find, so stay focused and on task putting like objects together.

Now that you’ve cleaned and separated out your supplies, let’s talk about storage solutions. Here at Artbin, we make storage for people with creative minds and we suggest the following options for keeping your space efficient, organized, and looking sleek and modern in the process. Here’s some must-haves we think you’ll want to stock up on in organizing your tools and products.

Artbin Super Satchel Double Deep with Lift Out Tray

Do your scrapbook papers and craft supplies bring you joy but are really hard to corral? 
Reduce the clutter and need for multiple storage boxes with this storage bin and tray. The tray inside the storage box is perfect for 12x12 individual papers, pads, and stickers. If you lift up the tray and there’s up to six customizable compartments for all your favorite supplies from embellishments and ribbons to fat quarters and paints. This gives you the ultimate storage flexibility and lets you organize by specific project or craft interest.

Artbin Vinyl Storage Tower

If you are a Cricut or Silhouette crafter and your vinyl storage is out of control check out the Artbin Vinyl Storage Tower. This tower keeps your vinyl rolled and tidy making it super easy to access for your next digital cutting project. Easy to assemble, it holds up to 36 rolls of vinyl per tower and two towers can be stacked to create the ultimate vinyl storage station in your craft room.

Artbin Vinyl Storage Rack

If you only need to store a few vinyl sheets, the smaller Artbin Vinyl Storage Rack holds up to 12 rolls and can sit on a countertop or be mounted to the wall leaving more space on your counter or workspace.

Artbin Desktop Organizer

Get instant accessibility to the tools you need the most. Whether you need your favorite cutting knife, weeding tool, or calligraphy marker, the Desktop Organizer keeps everything at your fingertips. With 24 tool slots plus a bonus mini storage area it can house markers, pens, cutting tools, scissors and more. Think of it like your kitchen knife rack but this one is made specific for your craft supplies! The storage area is great for stashing those easy to lose items like cutting blades and adjustment tools for your digital cutting machine.

Artbin Super Satchel with XL Bins

Love a clear organization solution? The Artbin Super Satchel with XL Bins will be your new favorite storage option. These crystal clear bins in long and small bin options are perfectly sized to fit into our traditional Super Satchel making it easy to find your colorful supplies in a flash. These clear trays are also available individually and can also be used in pegboard storage.

Artbin Paint Storage Tray

Not only is the Artbin Paint Storage Tray pretty to set in your workspace for Instagram photos, it can also be stored in our traditional Semi-Satchel or Super Satchel Double Deep bin. Each tray holds 21 4 oz paint bottles and can also be wall mounted or stacked.

Artbin Photo and Craft Organizer

Need to organize your photos for scrapbooking projects or have a slim storage solution for supplies like embroidery floss, stamp pads or alcohol inks? The Artbin Photo and Craft Organizer is an ideal solution for your crafty workspace. This compact storage box holds 5 mini bins and the translucent material helps you identify the contents efficiently. Each mini box is acid-free and holds up to 100 4x6 photos, so you can take confidence in storing your photos.

These are just a few tips and solutions for you to be on your way in your craft room cleaning and organizing for this spring and beyond. Just know that Artbin has a solution for all your storage needs, large or small. Happy organizing and crafting!