5 Ways To Organize Your Craft Stash

Organizing for the new year or just in need of some extreme tidying up in your creative space? Here’s some helpful tips to get your craft stash in order. With the help of Artbin® and their Super Satchel™ storage solutions, you can corral that clutter and create an organized craft room that will keep you inspired.

1. Fab Fabric Storage Organization
The Artbin® Double Deep Super Satchel ™ is large enough to hold large scale fat quarters, rolls of fabrics, felt, remnants, and sewing accessories. Whether you fill your entire bin with folded or rolled yardage or you organize fat quarters by color, there’s no wrong way to fill this bin up. The removable compartment dividers help sort the box in sections. And it’s the perfect size to store smaller Artbin® boxes like the Essential 6x6.

2. Sort Sewing Notions Like A Boss
Out with the old sewing tin, in with the Artbin® Super Satchel™ Slim with removable dividers makes it easy to organize and see all your sewing newtons at a glance. There are customizable dividers that make it easy to stash small items like safety pins, buttons, thread and more to the size of your choosing. If you are more into needle arts, this bin is the perfect size for storing all your embroidery threads, hoops, and tools. It’s also ideal for scrapbook embellishments, beads, and for holding scrapbook papers. 

3. Extreme Embellishment Organization
The Artbin® Storage Bins with lids were designed to fit inside Super Satchel™ 1 compartment making it a craft organizers dream. Corral all those trinkets, stickers, stamps, and small embellishments inside these little bins; the clear lids makes it easy to access what you need in seconds. The Super Satchel™ 1 compartment  comes in a variety of pastel colors blush, mint, and aqua) with matching handles and there’s a clear version with a gold handle as well. Oh, and did we mention these are stackable?

4. A Colorful Solution
Some of the prettiest craft rooms put their products on full display and the Paint Storage Tray does just that! This tray holds up to 21 beautiful 1-2 ounce bottles of paint when displayed on its side, but it can also store tubes of paints, pencils, or brushes when it is upright on a table. One tray can fit into the Semi Satchel™  for easy transportation and two of these trays can fit into Double Deep Super Satchel™  allowing you to store 42 paints for easy access whenever you need them.

5. Marker Organization for Days
Art lovers unite! The Marker Storage Satchel™ paired with the Marker Storage Tray make it so fun to to sort your markers in a rainbow of color. The Marker Storage Tray holds up to 64 markers and pens, so this is an ideal solution to store your writing supplies when inspiration strikes! This bin is a cinch to close and can be transported anywhere you want to get creative. Displayed with your Paint Storage Tray  and other colorful Super Satchel™s it will add both organization and vibrancy to any craft room. 

These Artbin® products all fit inside the Super Satchel™ Cube, which can be stacked and arranged to fit your craft room organization needs. Add Super Cube Casters or stack as a shelving unit, these cubes help you bring your ultimate craft room organization dreams to life. A little decorating helps too!