Super Satchel with Purple Accents

This ArtBin Super Satchel has one compartment (open core) with purple secure latches and a purple carrying handle. This box is ideal for storing up to 12" x 12" scrapbooking paper. All boxes in the Super Satchel Series are molded in ACID FREE polypropylene and are stackable!

Item #: 6955JS
  • Purple Accents
  • Mint
  • Aqua
  • Grey Nickel
  • Blush
  • Yellow Accents
  • Aqua Accents
  • Rose Gold Accents

Price: $22.00 USD
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    • This container measures 15.25" x 14" x 3.5".
    • This storage satchel offers an easy solution to organize craft supplies, such as documents, card stock, embossing folders, and miscellaneous supplies needed for different projects!
    • The Super Satchel has one open core compartment with rounded edges to protect corners of scrapbooking papers/sheets!
    • Comes in a clear color allowing you to easily see the inside also with purple latches and a handle!
    • This container is stackable with other Super Satchel models!
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