Super Satchel Double Deep Yellow Accents

The ArtBin Super Satchel Double Deep with Yellow accents is ideal for storing your bulkier art and craft supplies. The extra deep box with one core compartment and 8 removable dividers allows you to customize the storage space for your specific supplies. Store paint tubes, markers, stamps, stamp pads, ribbons, threads, stationary, scrapbooking paper and more securely inside the polypropylene storage box. The ArtBin Super Satchel is designed with a durable handle and snap-tight latches so that you can take it with you anytime, anywhere.

Item #: 6990JY
  • Yellow Accents
  • Aqua
  • Aqua Mist Accents
  • Rose Gold Accents
  • Gold Accents
  • Purple Accents

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    • This art and craft storage case measures 15.25" x 14" x 6.25" inches.
    • This Super Satchel is made with a sturdy, comfortable handle for easy carrying. The 2 snap-tight latches ensure that your supplies stay secure during transport.
    • The extra depth of the Super Satchel Double Deep allows for storage of larger, bulkier supplies. Use open core or customize up to 8 compartments for multiple storage options.
    • The ArtBin Super Satchel Double Deep with Yellow accents comes in a translucent color so that you can quickly and easily identify the supplies stored inside.
    • All Super Satchel models are stackable!
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