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Paint Storage Tray (2 Pack), 6833AG Artbin, art bin, storage, craft box, container, case organization, craft storage, art storage,plastic, sidekick, side kick, sidekick cube, paint pallet, 2 pack, pallett, oil paint, watercolor, acrylic, pallet,pallette,6833AG
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Item #: 6833AG -

    Paint pallet two pack! perfectly sized for watercolors, acrylics and oils, 9.187 x 6.875 inches. 10 deep Wells for mixing paints and one large well to hold brushes. Constructed with high quality durable White plastic with easy clean surface. Unique design fits inside the sidekick cube, 6816AG and 6817AG (sold separately).

    Brush Box w/ Foam Inserts, KW903 brush box, brush storage, Brush Box with foam inserts, art brushes, paint brushes, artist, KW903
    Price: $17.99
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    Item #: KW903 -

      The Brush Box will protect your brushes from damage. The chemical resistant foam inserts keep the brushes in place while vent holes in each end allow for air circulation. This box is molded from translucent polypropylene.

      Pencil Utility Box-Charcoal, 6900AB pencil utility box, pencil, pens, markers, cutting tools, xacto, gray, charcoal, 6900AB, pencil pouch, back to school
      Price: $6.69
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      Item #: 6900AB -

        The Pencil Utility Box is perfect for organizing pencils, markers and cutting tools. The foam pads protect pencil and blade tips.

        Pen and Nib Box, 6859AB calligraphy storage, pen and nib storage, pen&nib storage, pen tip storage, artbin, slim line, pen and nib box, calligraphy, container, pocket sized, 6859AB
        Price: $7.99
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        Item #: 6859AB -

          The Pen & Nib is perfect for the calligrapher or pen and ink artist. It is a transparent box that is designed specifically to store and protect pens and nibs. There are four small compartments for nibs and one large compartment for pens. It is thin enough to fit in a pocket, backpack, portfolio, tote bag, or larger ArtBin box

          Pencil Marker Box- Black, KV501 pencil box, marker box, pencil marker box black, kids, back to school, crayons, scool supply art box, KV501
          Price: $8.59
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          Item #: KV501 -

            Molded from durable black polypropylene. This box features a "Living Hinge". Great for storing small supplies, markers, pens, and pencils.

            Tote Folio  Artist Portfolio, 6829AG 6829AG, tote folio, artist portfolio, portfolio, art storage, drawing board, drawing pad, artbin, art student,
            Price: $42.99
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            Item #: 6829AG -

              The Tote Folio is a great portfolio for the artist. It is large enough to accommodate 18" x 24" sketch pads and large drawing boards. The pockets on the front are 5" x 10" each and the back side of the tote has a large pocket. It comes with handles and a shoulder strap for easy transport.

              Sketch Pac, 6880AB sketch storage, pencil storage, office supply storage, small supply storage, sketch pac, sketch pack, drawing, pen, pencil, artbin, two sided, 6880AB
              Price: $16.99
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              Item #: 6880AB -

                A consistently top-selling item that is unique to the ArtBin line. The two-tone box has a transparent divider for twice the storage of a single box. Die cut foam in the pencil wells protects sharpened points. Slips easily into a briefcase or backpack.

                Tote Folio XL  Artist Portfolio, 6902SB Tote Folio XL  Artist Portfolio, 6902SB, drawing pads, art student, art storage, back to school
                Price: $49.99
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                Item #: 6902SB -

                  The Tote Folio XL has a zippered main compartment that holds up to 24" x 36" pads and supplies. There are 2 front zippered pockets, each 6-1/2" x 11" for pencil kits and supplies and a large 17" x 14" zippered pocket on the front for smaller sketch pads and supplies. Two comfortable easy grip handles and on the back of the tote an adjustable shoulder strip with shoulder pad makes for easy transport.

                  Divider 10-Pack for 6830PC dividers, divider pack, store in drawer dividers, store in drawer divider pack, 6810PC, artbin, store in drawer, 6830PC,
                  Price: $3.79
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                  Item #: 6810PC -

                    Dividers are molded in high impact styrene for added support and safety in storing multiple small supplies in a drawer

                    Brush Folio, 6830AG Artbin, paint, brush, storage, portfolio, fabric, black, gray, 6830AG, brush folio, brush portfolio, pencil, pen, marker, clip on,  zippered portfolio
                    Price: $14.99
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                    Item #: 6830AG -

                      Protect and organize your valuable supplies with our Brush Folio. This zippered portfolio with elastic pockets hold a variety of sizes of artist paint brushes, pallet knives, pencils and pens. A sturdy caribiner hook allows you to attach it to your bag or portfolio.

                      Slim Line Magnetic Box - Clear, 6811AG 6811AG, slim line, magnetic, box, pocket sized, container, blade box, pin box, needle, plastic, artbin, knife box, clear,
                      Price: $7.99
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                      Item #: 6811AG -

                        This pocket sized storage container features a magnetic base. Perfect for keeping knife blades, pins and needles from moving around in the box. Molded in crystal clear polypropylene for easy viewing of supplies.