ArtBin’s Zerust Anti-Tarnish Collection

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Item #: 9001AB -

    This Super Satchel™ has six fixed compartments perfect for organizing a variety of arts and crafts supplies. It features secure latches and a carrying handle. This box fits inside the Super Satchel™ Cube (6855SC) and the Rolling Tote (6822AG).

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    Item #: 6822AG -

      Perfect for the Artist/ Crafter on the go! The Rolling Tote is both lightweight (under 3.5 lbs.) and collapsible. This bag features carrying handles designed to aid in lifting the bag in and out of a car. The retractable handle (used to pull the tote) extends to 34.5" from the ground.The Rolling Tote is constructed of durable, fashionable, weather resistant poly canvas to protect your belongings. Sized to hold Super Satchel™ Series boxes 6955AB, 6990AB, 9001AB, 9100AB, 9007AB,...

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      Item #: 900IDS -

        The Infinite Divider System features translucent clear boxes with dividers that adjust in 1/16" increments. You can place them exactly where you want with no wasted space! Organize and protect all your small items. Additional dividers (6108DP and 9108DP) are available separately.

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        Item #: 6994AB -

          The ArtBin 6994AB Solutions™ Cabinet is the perfect storage solution for your crafting needs. This space efficient case holds three smaller storage cases to ensure that your crafting supplies are always organized just how you like them. Additional storage space in the lid adds even more room to carry supplies. Secure latches and handle allow for easy and comfortable transport.

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          Item #: 1118AB -

            Crystal clear polystyrene storage container offers easy viewing of all your supplies. Great for storing beads, small embellishments, cosmetics and notions.

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            Item #: 6983AG -

              ArtBin's Tarnish Inhibitor products provide safe, long term protective storage for beading and jewelry components. A special additive EXCLUSIVE to ArtBin has been molded directly into the dividers. The PATENTED Tarnish Inhibiting additive in the dividers forms a protective layer around metal surfaces that prevents tarnishing for 5 years!

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              Item #: 8017AB -

                The easy to grip, molded-in handles and sliding, lockable latches provide secure storage and transport of any number of supplies.

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                Item #: 6962AB -

                  The Quick View™ Carry Case is the perfect case for just about anything! This Quick View™ features a divided base and a lift out tray for more storage options. Perfect for storing pens, pencils and drawing tools in the base and drawing pads or coloring books in the tray.

                  Price: $6.99
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                  Item #: 6902AG -

                    The Slim Line Pen/ Pencil Box is sized to fit easily into a pocket, purse, tote or backpack. It is constructed with crystal clear impact resistant polypropylene for easy viewing of contents.

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                    Item #: 918AB -

                      Crystal clear polystyrene offers easy viewing of all your supplies. A versatile assortment of sizes and inside cores covers many options for small supply storage. Perfect size for beads, embellishments, cosmetics and small notions.

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                      Item #: 3900AB -

                        Translucent polypropylene (plastic) storage container with secure no-spill latches. Three fixed compartments plus 9 removable dividers for customized storage options. Great for pens, pencil, markers and small art and craft supplies.

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                        Item #: 6810PC -

                          Dividers are molded in high impact styrene for added support and safety in storing multiple small supplies in a drawer