ArtBin Three Tray Art Supply Box, 6893AG

The ArtBin Three Tray Art Supply Box is a functional supply box that is used to store art supplies like paint brushes, pencils, and markers. Widely used by art students and professionals the art tool storage box has a cantilever tray with removable dividers. The large open area at the bottom of the box can store bulkier supplies like large bottles of paint or spray cans. The storage container has an in-lid storage area for quick and easy access to the essentials. The organizer is durable and wear and tear resistant. The tip grip tray with dividers ensure customized space for versatile storage. The lockable latch keeps the content secure while the plastic handle makes it easy to carry the box around.

Item #: 6893AG

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    • Made in the USA
    • Tip guard tray prevents spills
    • Lockable to protect your belongings
    • Top tray with removable dividers
    • Quick access in-lid storage area
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