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Super Satchel Deluxe-Divided Lid/Divided Base, 6982AB super, super satchel deluxe, deluxe, super satchels, satchels, satchel container, deluxe satchel container, container, satchel storage, deluxe storage, storage,  container, box, divide, divided lid, side boxes, handle, divided base, 6982AB
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    This storage box features 2 side bins with both fixed and removable dividers. Top tray and base both have fixed and removable dividers providing customizeable storage soutions for smaller items. Lid/tray and base each have separate access. All boxes in the Super Satchel Series are molded in ACID FREE polypropylene.

    12 inch Quick View Carrying Case-DEEP BASE, 6977AB case, translucent, quickview, quickview carrying case, quick view case, carry case, box, satchel,deep base, 12", 12 inch, clear, 6977AB
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      The easy to grip, molded-in handles and sliding, lockable latches provide secure storage and transport of any number of supplies.

      Sidekick XL, 6917AB art box, lift out tray box, sidekick, side kick, 6917AB, ammo can, container, craft supply, art supply, lift out tray, lockable, artbin
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      Item #: 6917AB -

        Lots of storage in this box. In lid storage includes dividers, substantial bulk storage area under tray and a large capacity lift-out tray. Comes with sturdy latches and carrying handle and is lockable.

        Brush Box w/ Foam Inserts, KW903 brush box, brush storage, Brush Box with foam inserts, art brushes, paint brushes, artist, KW903
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        Item #: KW903 -

          The Brush Box will protect your brushes from damage. The chemical resistant foam inserts keep the brushes in place while vent holes in each end allow for air circulation. This box is molded from translucent polypropylene.

          Super Satchel Cube, 6855SC super, super satchel, super satchels, satchels, satchel container, container, satchel storage, storage, super satchel cube, shelf, satchel organizer, craft, furniture, cube, square, white, artbin, 6855SC
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          Item #: 6855SC -

            A great way to organize your creative space! Each Super Satchel cube comes with instructions and all hardware for easy assembly. In addition, the interior walls of each cube are pre-drilled with a series of rows of ports to accommodate a custom designed rail, which acts as a support system. The Super Satchel Cube boxes can not only be stored, but slide out for easy access to all of your supplies! Each Super Satchel Cube comes with 6 sets of rails, which allow you to store both slim, standard...

            17" Twin Top Supply Box-Trans/White, 6918AH 17" twin top supply box, white, art supply, twin top, lift out tray, lockable, 6918AH, artbin, tackle box,17in. Twin Top Supply Box
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            Item #: 6918AH -

              The Twin Top comes with a lift-out tray for smaller supplies. There is additional storage in the lid. It has a rubber over-molded handle for comfort and is lockable.

              Paint Storage Tray, 6828AG artbin, craft paint, glitter glue, paint brush, wooden, storage rack, wall mount, hang,white, super satchel,storage, organization, 6828AG, paint storage tray, paint, rack, paint bottle, marker, wood,  shelf
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              Item #: 6828AG -

                The Paint Storage Tray is designed with twenty one, 1.5" square openings hold a variety of arts and crafts supplies. Openings are perfectly sized to hold 4oz. craft paint bottles.In addition to being wall mountable this item can sit on a desk or fit into our Semi Satchel (6925AB), two trays fit into the Super Satchel Double Deep (6990AB)

                Super Satchel Slim-1 Compartment, 9100AB super, super satchel, super satchels, satchels, satchel container, container, satchel storage, storage, Super satchel slim, one compartment, box,scrapbooking, quilt, quilt blocks, 9100AB
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                Item #: 9100AB -

                  Excellent for scrapbooking papers, pages, die cuts, stickers and mats. Quilters will love it for quilt blocks, quilt tops and fat quarters, as well as hoops and supplies for needle arts enthusiasts. This box fits into our Super Satchel Cube (6855SC) and our Rolling Tote (6822AG).

                  Super Satchel™ 1 Compartment, Aqua, 6955AA Super Satchel standard, one compartment, open core, scrapbooking paper,  box, container, case, artbin, 6955AA, aqua mist, blue, best seller
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                    The Super Satchel has one compartment (open core) with secure latches and a carrying handle. This box is ideal for storing 12" scrapbooking paper. All boxes in the Super Satchel Series™ are molded in ACID FREE polypropylene and are stackable.

                    Sidekick, 8408AB sidekick,art box, craft box, lift out tray box, translucent storage, side kick, lift out tray, side latch, art supply box, container, clear, 8408AB, student, best seller, artist, art student, back to scool,
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                    Item #: 8408AB -

                      Unique design, sturdy construction, additional lid storage, and a very advantageous price point have all made this ArtBin storage container a top seller. With almost 6" of additional storage beneath the tray, larger bottles and paint tubes can also be safely stored and transported.

                      Essentials XL 3-Tray, 8237AB tray box, art box, craft box,tray box, artist supply box, art supply, student, essentials 3 tray, three tray, tackle box, made in the USA, 8237AB, art school, back to school
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                        Versatile, value storage for all types of supplies . Each box includes removable dividers to enhance storage capabilities. Built with a draw-tight latch along with sturdy tongue-and-groove construction and they have our Tip-Guard trays that prevent spills.

                        ArtBin Two Tray Art Supply Box, 6892AG art supply box, artist box, student art box ,painting, paints, pencils, drawing, back to school, tackle box, 6892AG
                        Price: $20.99
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                        Item #: 6892AG -

                          The NEW improved ArtBin Two Tray Box features 2 cantilevered trays with removable dividers. The top tray with removable dividers is designed to allow for more storage of longer items such as paint brushes, pencils and markers. It has a large open area in the bottom of the box for storage of bulkier supplies. Perfect for both the professional and student Artist.