Storage Basics

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Store In Drawer Cabinet, 6809PC 6809PC, artbin, store in drawer, store n drawer, drawers, cabinet, plastic, storage drawers,  plastic drawers
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Item #: 6809PC -

    White cabinet with 9 drawers perfect for storing and organizing small arts and crafts supplies. This cabinet is both wall mountable and stackable. Drawer dividers sold separately (6805PC)

    Store In Drawer Cabinet, 6830PC store in drawer cabinet, cabinet, drawer cabinet, stackin cabinet, 6830PC, store in drawer, store n drawer, drawer cabinet, plastic drawers, storage drawer, artbin
    Price: $28.99
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    Item #: 6830PC -

      This cabinet features 30 drawers to hold a variety of arts, crafts and sewing supplies. The drawers are molded in ACID FREE polypropylene and can easily be divided for added storage (dividers sold separately). They conveniently stack to save room and are also wall mountable.

      Super Satchel Deluxe-Divided Lid/Divided Base, 6982AB super, super satchel deluxe, deluxe, super satchels, satchels, satchel container, deluxe satchel container, container, satchel storage, deluxe storage, storage,  container, box, divide, divided lid, side boxes, handle, divided base, 6982AB
      Price: $44.99
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      Item #: 6982AB -

        This storage box features 2 side bins with both fixed and removable dividers. Top tray and base both have fixed and removable dividers providing customizeable storage soutions for smaller items. Lid/tray and base each have separate access. All boxes in the Super Satchel Series are molded in ACID FREE polypropylene.

        12 inch Quick View Carrying Case-DEEP BASE, 6977AB case, translucent, quickview, quickview carrying case, quick view case, carry case, box, satchel,deep base, 12", 12 inch, clear, 6977AB
        Price: $9.99
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        Item #: 6977AB -

          The easy to grip, molded-in handles and sliding, lockable latches provide secure storage and transport of any number of supplies.

          17" Twin Top Supply Box-Trans/White, 6918AH 17" twin top supply box, white, art supply, twin top, lift out tray, lockable, 6918AH, artbin, tackle box,17in. Twin Top Supply Box
          Price: $27.99
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          Item #: 6918AH -

            The Twin Top comes with a lift-out tray for smaller supplies. There is additional storage in the lid. It has a rubber over-molded handle for comfort and is lockable.

            Mini Sidekick, 6815AG sidekick,scrapbooking,craft, craft storage,mini sidekick, 6815AG,artbin, plastic, storage, container, box, art box, supply box, storage box, ammo can, kids, kids craft,
            Price: $11.99
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            Item #: 6815AG -

              A unique design, sturdy construction and transparent plastic make the Mini Sidekick ideal for art and craft supply storage. A sturdy handle, lockable lid and smaller size make the Mini Sidekick ideal for transporting supplies. Perfect for kids crafts!

              15 inch Quick View Case-Deep Base, 6960AB 15"  quickview, quick view case, 15 inch, deep base, carry case, box, satchel, artbin, 6960AB
              Price: $15.99
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              Item #: 6960AB -

                The Quickview Carry Case is the perfect case for just about anything! Now offered in a 15 inch case with a deep base so that it can hold even more!

                Quick View with Removable Bins, 6873AG quick view with removable bins, quickview, bead, buttons, notions, embellishments, small supplies, comartment box, container, artbin, 6873AG
                Price: $14.99
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                Item #: 6873AG -

                  The Quick View with Removable Bins provides you with customizable storage solutions. The 15 Bins can be placed in several different configurations within the box. Remove a bin to place your supplies within closer reach on your work surface. The unique lid designs keep the bins securly in place even when some bins have been removed from the box! The heavy duty handle and latch make this the ideal box for transporting small items such as beads, embellishment and notions.

                  Art and Craft Supply Caddy, 6963AG Art and Craft Supply Caddy, 6963AG, gray and black, craft supply tote,  sewing, art supply, kids crafts, craft caddy, art caddy, supply caddy
                  Price: $13.99
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                  Item #: 6963AG -

                    The craft caddy is a convenient and comfortable way to store and transport your art, craft, and sewing supplies. The deep base allows for the storage of large supplies, while the bottom draw holds smaller supplies. The tool rack means your frequently used tools are always easy to access. The handle is comfortable and sturdy for easy transport.

                    Solutions™ Cabinet - Aqua, 6994AA Solutions? Cabinet - Aqua, 6994AA, craft box, creative options box, blue, sewing box, scrapbooking storage, jewelry box
                    Price: $29.99
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                    Item #: 6994AA -

                      The ArtBin 6994AB Solutions™ Cabinet is the perfect storage solution for your crafting needs. This space efficient case holds three smaller storage cases to ensure that your crafting supplies are always organized just how you like them. Additional storage space in the lid adds even more room to carry supplies. Secure latches and handle allow for easy and comfortable transport.

                      Essentials™ Lift-Out Tray - Aqua latches & handle, 6937AG essentials lift out tray box, art supply box, container, lift out tray, artbin, plastic, aqua, value, blue, 6937AG,  kids art and craft storage, kids art box, children, back to school
                      Price: $9.99
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                      Item #: 6937AG -

                        Great value in a two-level art and craft supply storage box! Excellent opening price point for a one-tray box! NEW substantial grip handle and matching coordinating latches. Great size for kids art and craft storage!

                        14in. Quick View Carrying Case, 8014AB quickview, case,translucent, quick view, carry case, handle, latch, lockable, made in the USA, 14", 14 inch, 8014AB, 14 in.
                        Price: $10.99
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                        Item #: 8014AB -

                          The easy to grip, molded-in handles and sliding, lockable latches provide secure storage and transport of any number of supplies. Great for storing everything from paints to card stock to fat quarters, the Quick View™ Carrying Cases are a staple item for any market.