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Bottle Storage Satchel™, 6959AB stickles, stickles tray, glitter glue tray, glitter glue storage, super satchel glitter glue storage, bottle storage, bottle storage satchel, super satchel, glitter glue, fabric paint,ink, dye, container, box, artbin, 6959AB
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    Do you have Glitter Glue, Inks, and Dyes all over your craft room? ArtBin brings you another wonderful inovation in craft supply storage! The Bottle Storage Satchel is perfect for all your 5 oz. inks, dyes, and glitter glue bottles. The Super Satchel™ comes with two trays that will hold up to 32 individual bottles each! Need more storage? You can purchase additional trays that will fit any standard size Super Satchel™!

    Pencil Utility Box-Charcoal, 6900AB pencil utility box, pencil, pens, markers, cutting tools, xacto, gray, charcoal, 6900AB, pencil pouch, back to school
    Price: $6.69
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    Item #: 6900AB -

      The Pencil Utility Box is perfect for organizing pencils, markers and cutting tools. The foam pads protect pencil and blade tips.

      Pen and Nib Box, 6859AB calligraphy storage, pen and nib storage, pen&nib storage, pen tip storage, artbin, slim line, pen and nib box, calligraphy, container, pocket sized, 6859AB
      Price: $7.99
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      Item #: 6859AB -

        The Pen & Nib is perfect for the calligrapher or pen and ink artist. It is a transparent box that is designed specifically to store and protect pens and nibs. There are four small compartments for nibs and one large compartment for pens. It is thin enough to fit in a pocket, backpack, portfolio, tote bag, or larger ArtBin box

        Pencil Marker Box- Black, KV501 pencil box, marker box, pencil marker box black, kids, back to school, crayons, scool supply art box, KV501
        Price: $8.59
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        Item #: KV501 -

          Molded from durable black polypropylene. This box features a "Living Hinge". Great for storing small supplies, markers, pens, and pencils.

          Bottle Storage Tray, 6951AB glitter glue storage, stickles storage, stickles, glitter, super satchel, stickles glitter glue, glue, bottle storage tray, fabric paint, Super satchel standard, artbin, 6951AB
          Price: $7.99
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          Item #: 6951AB -

            A companion to the Super Satchel™ Glitter Glue Storage Box and the Standard Super Satchel™, these trays enable you to store more in less space. Glitter glue trays hold up to 32 individual 5oz. bottles of ink, dye and glitter glue.

            Slim Line Magnetic Box - Clear, 6811AG 6811AG, slim line, magnetic, box, pocket sized, container, blade box, pin box, needle, plastic, artbin, knife box, clear,
            Price: $7.99
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            Item #: 6811AG -

              This pocket sized storage container features a magnetic base. Perfect for keeping knife blades, pins and needles from moving around in the box. Molded in crystal clear polypropylene for easy viewing of supplies.