Creative Paint Storage Solutions Every Artist Needs

If you’re a painter, you might have grown up using the classic Artbin Supply Box. While it's long been a great solution for students, did you know that Artbin makes many more great paint storage solutions to keep your paints, brushes, and supplies in order? Here’s some of our favorite options that you will want to add to your at home art room. These will keep you organized so that you’ll spend less time searching and more time focused on creating your masterpieces.

If you use acrylic paints, the Artbin Paint Storage Tray is a must-have for sorting your bottles in color order. This organizer can sort your 2 ounce assortment or 1 ounce alcohol inks or puff paints. Arrange your bottles bottom-out in a rainbow assortment or by texture or finish like iridescent, glitter, or chalk finish. This tray is great for setting on a desktop workspace or to mount to your wall. If you have a variety of paints, consider adding several of these paint storage trays to your wall for a space-saving solution like this example from OC Vintage Charm. It’s so easy to make your own go-to paint rack so you can easily grab what you need.

For on the go projects, consider investing in a Super Satchel Double Deep with Removable Dividers. This bin was designed to store a variety of Artbin inserts including the Paint Storage Tray. The super sturdy design is easy to carry with the sturdy handle so you can take it outdoors or to crafty meetups. It also is easily stackable with our other Super Satchel bins. Look how Mark of Slumbering Alligator stored his colors by skin tone colors and brights for his portrait creations.

Insert Paint Super Satchel Double Deep image here

Here’s another great example of the Artbin Super Satchel Double Deep organization for artists. If you have larger 4 or 8 ounce bottles of painting mediums, this bin can store them all along with canvases, brushes, and even surfaces for painting.

The Artbin Sidekick Cube with Open Tray is an awesome solution if you are wanting a convenient storage solution that lets you store your tools along with your paints. The bottom part of the bin can be sectioned off to store paints, mediums, and mix-ins like glitters while the top part lets you store brushes, scrapers, and palette knives. Consider using this for outdoor painting sessions when you just need a few supplies!

Store your paints using the 2-in-1 Wall and Desktop Organizer. This paint storage option has a freestanding option that lets you arrange taller paint tubes and bottles for an easy grab while creating. Stack them on top of your brushes and lesser used tools so you can keep your most used items within easy reach.

If you use Paint Markers, get easy access to them using the Artbin Essentials 6x6 box. This lets you find your favorite colors in an instant and lets you store a variety of sizes of your paint markers. Store your sponges and scrapers in it too!

For smaller assortments of paints and palettes of watercolor paint, the Artbin Super Satchel - 1 Compartment is a great choice. It lets you coordinate your paper, tools, and accessories alongside your colors. You can even store finished paintings and pieces inside.

When keeping your brushes organized the Brush Box with Foam Inserts keeps them separated and in order. The vent holes created for the box lets your brushes air out and help prevent natural fiber brushes from drying up; this is super important for those trusted brushes that you’ve made an investment in.

After you finish your painting and wash your brushes, the Artbin Brush Drying Rack lets your brushes hang out to dry so they can be ready for the next use! The great thing about this rack is it is a 2-in-1 solution. One part has a two-sided storage grid for easy drying and the other has agitators for cleaning. This allows you to paint and wash out your brushes as you go, letting you lay your brushes horizontal for an additional drying option.

Look to Artbin for all your painting organization solutions. We are here to make your life easier so you can free up your time for your creative endeavors. Happy painting!